Whenever you take a hot shower, you can see how much moisture is in the air, especially on colder days. You will see steam in the air, as well as condensation on windows, mirrors and cold water pipes. While you might enjoy your hot showers, all that moisture is not good for your home. It can cause issues like water damage and mold. This is why it is important that you have a properly working ceiling fan in your bathroom to move all that moisture laden air outside where it can’t harm your home. Many homes do, however, have ceiling fans that aren’t that effective, not doing a proper job. If your fan is rattling or not even running at all, it is not a very complicated process to replace it.

It is also important that the fan’s exhaust is funneled to the outside through a straight duct. Some bathroom fans send their exhaust into an attic or crawlspace which can be very harmful.

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