One of the many simple things that you can do yourself to increase the value of your home is to paint it. While it does take some skill to do a good job painting, being careful and meticulous, it is possible for most everyone. Of course, to a large extent, the quality of your work depends much on the tools you use. Every good paint-job starts with good quality paint. You should not cheap out on the paint, because you will not be happy with the results. In many cases, using a primer as well is going to make a huge difference in how the final result looks.

The two major types of paint are oil-based and water-based.

With oil-based paint, you need to use a natural bristle brush to make the finished job look better. For water-based paint on the other hand, you should use a synthetic brush. Why is that?

A natural brush would absorb all the water from the water-based paint, making it clump and streak quickly.

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