Whenever you are doing a major renovation, you run the risk of doing damage to your home if you are not fully aware of how a home works. For example, if you were to remove a load-bearing wall, you could be looking at a serious collapse if it wasn’t supported. One method that builders will use to shore up your home is adjustable steel columns. These are very useful for both short-term and long-term support of a building.

An adjustable steel column can bear a lot of weight. It is usually made from a metal cylinder filled with cement and it can be extended to fit the space required. Because they are going to serve a crucial role in the stability of your home, you can’t have anyone install them. They need to be planned by a structural engineer that understands the mechanics of a home. There are some very strict guidelines on how these should be installed. They can’t have a slope greater than 1 inch over the length of the column and they need to be mechanically fastened top and bottom. If there is rust or any type of damage to the column, it needs to be replaced, since it can’t be relied on for structural integrity.

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