Did you ever get your garage inspected? You might not think that it is necessary, since you’re not living in the garage, but you would be surprised at how many issues can be found on a garage inspection. In fact, some have been seriously injured from faulty devices in their garage.
If you have an automated garage door, you should check that the sensors function properly, stopping the door if there is an object underneath it. A child could get caught underneath the door if it isn’t set up right.
If you have electrical receptacles in the garage, these should be checked as well. Often garages have been wired as an afterthought, not always by a professional electrician. This could mean that there are faulty grounds and loose connections, just to mention a few common issues.
Rodents in your garage can do serious damage to your car, in some extreme cases even thousands of dollars worth if they chew through the wrong wires. If you notice rodents in the area, you might want to put some traps out.

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