Something very unsightly that many homeowners are dealing with is a crusty white buildup on their faucets. This is a common problem in areas where the water is hard and contains a lot of minerals. It is tricky to remove if you don’t do it correctly since this substance can be quite hard. It usually contains mostly calcium, but there could be other minerals in there as well.

Cleaning it off regularly is important since it will keep growing if it is just left sitting there. The best method for removing it is to soak some rags in white vinegar. You can then wrap these around the faucet and leave them sitting there for a few minutes. After it has softened up the calcium, you should be able to get it off fairly easy. If it still is hard when you try it, leave the rags on there for a bit longer, possibly adding some more vinegar to the rag to make sure it stays damp.

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