Is your closet so stuffed that you don’t even remember what’s in there? Are there things spilling out of your closet? Here are a few closet organization tips to help you to get your closet more organized.

The first tip is to first get rid of any items that you have not worn or used in a while. If it’s been a year, you should definitely get rid of those items. Another tip is to store any outdoor accessories, such as scarves or hats, in another location. You could store these items near the door in a basket or in another convenient location. Another tip to get your closet more organized is to store your luggage in an attic, basement, or even under your bed, instead of your closet. If you have any out-of-season items, these too should be stored in another location. Then just switch items out as the seasons change. The last tip is to remove any excess hangers. These too take up a lot of space. It can also be annoying as you knock the hangers off every time you reach into your closet. You could even purchase less bulky hangers to make more space.

Following these few tips, will help you to get your closet more organized.

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