Many people prefer natural wood decking because they like the overall wood look and it can be less expensive than composite decking. There are many color options available for composite decking and it can be beautiful. There are also benefits to choosing composite decking rather than natural wood. Here are a few benefits.

The first benefit of composite decking is that most composite decking is stain-resistant and UV resistant. So composite decking can stand up to harsh weather and will not fade or lighten as much as natural wood decking. Natural wood decking is also not stain-resistant and does not stand up well in harsh weather. Another benefit is that for as long as your composite decking lasts, you will never need to sand, paint, or stain your deck. Composite decking is almost maintenance-free, besides washing it semi-annually. Composite decking will also last up to thirty years, if not longer. Natural wood decking requires regular maintenance and it does not last as nearly as long as composite decking.

These are just a few benefits of choosing composite decking for your deck. Composite decking can be beautiful and the expense may pay for itself for the sake of being almost maintenance-free.

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