In these summer months, taking out the garbage might take a nasty turn for some homeowners. Finding that your garbage can is covered in maggots is going to be hard to stomach for most of us, but what is the reason why this might happen to you?

To put it simply, you are providing a good meal for them. When a fly is looking to lay eggs, it will try to find a warm, safe place that has access to food. In the summer months, this makes your garbage an ideal spot, especially if you have organic matter that is decomposing inside your garbage. The smell from this will carry far and attract flies, and after eggs are laid, maggots could hatch as soon as 24 hours later.

While you might be able to clear out the infestation with boiling water, it is a good idea to prevent it in the first place by keeping your garbage can and bags as well-sealed as possible.

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