You may not know that cats need to scratch. They scratch to leave their scent, to shed off the outside of their nails, and to simply stretch their muscles and legs. Many people do not want their cats scratching up their furniture. Here are a few suggestions to help you to deter your cats from scratching our furniture.

The first tip, which may be the least attractive, is to attach plastic panels or aluminum foil to the areas where the cats are scratching. You can purchase plastic panels that are made specifically to deter cat scratching.

The second tip is to spray scent deterrent spray on the cat’s scratching areas. These sprays do work, but you will need to apply them frequently because the sprays tend to wear off quickly.

The last tip is to offer a cat-scratching post where the cat can actually scratch. Try purchasing a cat-scratching post that has an angle to it or even one of those horizontal scratching mats. Cats tend to prefer these to the straight vertical cat-scratching posts. Also, keep these posts in an area where the cat hangs out the most.

Following these few tips, hopefully, will deter your cat from scratching up your furniture.

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