There are some things that shouldn’t go down your toilet. While it might seem like there is a big drain pipe on your toilet, it is not wise to flush any items that weren’t meant to be flushed down the drain, since they most likely will cause a clog. To get a clog removed, you might need to get the services of a plumber, which will cost you.

So what can you flush down? Only human waste and toilet paper. There are no additions to that short list. Let’s consider a few examples and see why it is a bad idea.

Diapers – Some parents seem to believe that this is a baby’s version of waste and toilet paper, but diapers can cause some catastrophic plugs in your plumbing.

Cat Litter – This is why we specifically mention that the toilet is made for human waste. While it might be ok for animal waste to go down the toilet if you train your pet to use it, cat litter is made specifically to clump up when it gets wet, so flushing it down the toilet would turn into a cement-like clog.

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