When your shower drain doesn’t drain properly, you will end up standing ankle deep in water whenever you take a shower. This is not something anyone enjoys, so what can you do about fixing a slow draining shower? Most likely, you have a clog somewhere in the pipe that is making the water back up. They can form from soap and hair mixing together and creating a stopper for your water.

A simple and low-tech approach to solving the problem is to plunge your tub drain. You will, however, need to cover up the overflow drain of your tub, otherwise it will release the pressure you’re generating with your plunger, rendering it useless. Using slow rhythmic movements will usually generate the best results, and once the clog starts moving, it usually doesn’t stop until it’s out.

Another method that can work is using a snake or a wire hanger to try to get the clog moving by hand. You might need to pull out some of the hair yourself, so you should wear plastic gloves.

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