Most of us don’t spend much time in our attic. It is usually just a storage location, so how you get up there might not be a big deal. In some homes, there were no stairs built leading into the attic, instead they installed a pull down ladder to save space. If this is the case in your home, you should be aware of its weaknesses.

If your pull down ladder isn’t properly installed, it could be a hazard. For example, if it is too long, it will put extra strain on the joint when climbing it, possibly leading to it failing. If it was not properly fastened into solid wood beams in the ceiling with sufficiently long fasteners, it could fall out.

Even a pull down ladder that is installed properly could still fail if utilized improperly. If at all possible, don’t climb the ladder carrying heavy items. Instead, have someone hand them to you while you are standing on the ladder to minimize the time it is under strain.

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