While having a garbage disposal in your kitchen can be quite a convenient addition to your home, it does come with some downsides. Of course, there is the risk of getting hurt while using it, but that is a fairly low risk. What you are at risk for however is having strange smells coming from your sink.

What can happen is that fibrous vegetables get stuck in the blades and mechanism of your garbage disposal and then start to rot.

While this is a common issue, it is not impossible to avoid. The way you use your garbage disposal is important. When you put anything through it, you should let the water run for a short period after the work is done to make sure that the blades are washed off. You should also avoid the more fibrous vegetables like broccoli and similar things.

If you do get something stuck, it might be possible to clean the blades off by running some ice cubes through the garbage disposal. This won’t harm the blades or the mechanism but should help with the organic matter.

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