Unless you’re a smoker, you might not be a big fan of the smell of cigarette smoke, and if you end up buying a home that smells of tobacco, you’re in for a lot of work. Cigarette smoke is one of the most notorious smells that homeowners have to deal with, hence the decision to buy a home that has that smell shouldn’t be taken lightly.
There are many ideas out there for different methods to use to make the job easier, some as extreme as fumigating the home using an ozone generator, but the reality is that a lot of hard work is needed to remove the odor.
The first step should be to get filters replaced throughout the home. There can be quite a lot of odor stuck in them, and when your HVAC system starts running, it will spread the smell throughout the home.
It might also be necessary to replace lightbulbs, or at least clean them very well since they too could have residue on them that starts smelling when heated up.
Steam-cleaning carpets and scrubbing down all the surfaces of the home will also help, but don’t expect the odor to disappear in just a few cleanings. You will probably be working on it for quite some time.

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