How much money have you spent on all the electronic devices you have in your home? For some of us, it could easily add up to tens of thousands, and the large majority has at least several thousand worths of electronics in their home. How would you feel if they were all damaged by a freak event? It could happen if there is a lightning strike nearby.

Lightning as well as other issues with the power grid can send spikes of high voltage and burn out the electronics in your devices. So, what can you do to protect your investment? One simple solution is to get a surge protector. While a surge protector looks a lot like a normal power strip, it is much more. It will prevent damage to your electronics in case of a power spike. It is however important that it is used properly for it to function. For one thing, it needs to be plugged into a grounded outlet. There should also be an indicator light letting you know that it is functioning since a surge protector can take only a few surges before it is rendered ineffective.

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