What do you do if you find that your lawn is overrun with weeds? Or if you have mice in your basement? Many of us go and grab a bottle of pesticide to deal with the problem, while others are worried about the possible side effects they can have and prefer natural methods of dealing with such problems.
While it is true that pesticides have caused many different types of health problems in the past, modern pesticides for the most part are fairly harmless to humans as long as they are handled properly.

Showing care when using pesticides is very important, especially when it comes to those that have children at home.

Keep your pesticides locked up in a cabinet that your children can’t get into, and don’t ever let children apply pesticides on their own.

You should not put pesticides in unmarked bottles since you might be using the wrong type. If you have to put it in a new bottle, you should make sure to copy the warning labels off of the original bottle.

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