In many neighborhoods, there is a sort of friendly competition over who has the nicest lawn. There is something very satisfying about nicely trimmed, rich green grass in your front yard, but for some, it seems like it is impossible to attain. There are some things that you can do, however, to improve the quality of your grass.

Caring for your lawn is something that you can do most of the year. When the weather is hot and dry, it is important that you water your lawn regularly, as long as this isn’t prohibited by local legislation.

To help your lawn along a little, you might want to add some fertilizer, usually early in the year for it to have the best effect.

When it comes to the mower you choose, your first concern will probably be the size of the area you will need to cut, since a riding mower will make the job of cutting your lawn a lot easier. Be careful not to cut your grass too short, however. If you repeatedly cut your grass really short, you might damage it.

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