Do you take good care of your water heater? You might not even give it much thought, but your water heater is working for you 24 hours each day, so it is only fair that you give it some TLC. This is especially important when you consider how inconvenient it would be to find yourself without hot water, and the cost of having it fixed.

A common issue with water heaters is buildup of sediment in the tank. While your water is fairly clean, this doesn’t mean that there are no particles in there, and since the water can sit inside the water heater tank for quite a while, these minerals and other particles will float down to the bottom. Over time, this can become a problem, leading to your water heater being less efficient. Most tanks will have a way to drain out this sediment, so you might want to check your manual on how to do this.

An important safety feature of your water heater is the pressure relief valve, but it is important to check that this is working every now and then. This is a very simple thing to do. Just open up the valve manually and see if steam comes out. When you release it, make sure it snaps back into place.

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