When you think of dangers in your home, flooding might not be high up on the list, but did you know that you might have a ticking timebomb in your basement?

The washer hose supplying water to your washer carries water under fairly high pressure to your washer. If you aren’t in the habit to turn off the water supply when you are done using the washer, this means that the pressure still is there, even though the water isn’t being used. While the hoses for your washer might feel very sturdy, they are usually not the highest quality hoses that are available. As always, to save money, many manufacturers send the cheapest version possible. If your washer hose were to burst and go unnoticed for a longer period of time, you could easily end up with knee-deep water in your basement. A good solution is to invest in a high-quality hose that is steel braided, minimizing the risk for a catastrophic failure.

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