A dryer is an essential appliance when doing laundry. In less than an hour it can turn a pile of wet clothes into warm and fluffy clothes that are ready to wear. But what happens to all that water? Your average load of laundry can contain a gallon worth of water, and when the dryer runs, that turns into steam and goes out the exhaust of the dryer. You wouldn’t want a gallon of water poured out anywhere in your home, so it is important that the exhaust works properly, otherwise all that steam could be released inside your home and cause water damage.

The duct leading from your dryer exhaust should vent outside and be as straight as possible. You don’t want to risk a buildup of lint inside the duct, since this would make your dryer less efficient, as well as, pose a fire hazard. It also needs to vent at least 3 feet away from doorways and windows, as well as, 10 feet away from an air conditioner.

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